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At Kangaroo Island Odysseys we are lucky to have incredibly passionate, experienced and professional guides leading all of our tours. Our tour guides all live locally and have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Kangaroo Island and nature and wildlife. Many of our guides also hold qualifications in hospitality, eco-tourism, conservation and land management.

KI Odysseys guides are multi-lingual, enabling us to offer regular tours in French, German and Italian as well as tours in Spanish and Japanese on request. Our language tours are never combined meaning that our guests can get the most out of their tour in their native language. 

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Nikki Redman

Nikki is a Kangaroo Island local with amazing knowledge of not only Kangaroo Island but nature and wildlife in general.

Nikki has been guiding with KI Odysseys since 2004 and has received some great accolades through her career including Kangaroo Island Young Achiever of the Year, Finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Environmental Award and an Environmental award from Australian Geographic

Nikki is passionate about nature, bird watching and bush walking and loves that Kangaroo Island’s unique wilderness has not been spoilt by mass tourism and commercialization.

‘You can always find a quiet place to enjoy Kangaroo Island’s nature and wildlife’ say Nikki, who regularly captures the island on camera with her talented photography skills.  In addition to tour guiding, Nikki also manages the KI Odysseys Facebook page and all of its stunning images. 

You can check out some of Nikki's amazing nature and wildlife photography shots by clicking on the green camera icon below.

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Gaylene Booth

Gaylene originally hails from New Zealand and has been with KI Odysseys since 2004. 

When asked what her career highlights have been Gaylene says it’s hard to pick just one! Gaylene has had extensive experience as a tour guide all over Australia including Central Australia, The Kimberlys and Darwin and loves sharing her knowledge and passion about Kangaroo Island’s wonderful nature and wildlife.

Gaylene is an avid nature and wildlife photographer and you can view a gallery of her images by clicking on the green camera icon below.

Gaylene’s qualifications include Certificate III & Diploma in Conservation & Land Management,   Certificate II in Hospitality,  Applied First Aid,  Driver Accreditation and Cultural Awareness Training. Gaylene also volunteers for the CFS.  

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Mia Bertetto Lambot

Mia is Italian / Belgian in heritage and has recently become an Australian Citizen. She came to Australia to study EcoTourism and Environmental Management and in 2009 found herself on Kangaroo Island living her dream! 

Mia has a vibrant personality and being European she loves to have a chat!  She speaks French, Italian and English of course and loves being able to convey her respect and passion for Kangaroo Island to different cultures. 

Mia’s most favourite thing about Kangaroo Island is the stunning wildlife combined with the overall sense of harmony and peace. 

Gary Bell thumbnail

Gary Bell

Gary is Kangaroo Island born and bred and really knows the island well!

Gary has been guiding tours with KI Odysseys since 2008 and holds a Certificate II in Hospitality, a Certificate in Applied First Aid and Driver Accreditation.

Gary’s love of the outdoors, photography and filming shows as he captures magnificent footage of Kangaroo Island’s many natural features and bush land.

One of Gary’s most memorable moments whilst on tour was when he was guiding a group along Emu Bay beach and they saw a dolphin come within metres of the shore, roll onto its back and splash water with its flippers towards the walking guests!  It then appeared to follow them along the shoreline for another 200 metres frolicking and playing! This was truly one of life time’s memorable moments for everyone! 

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Tanya Millar

Tanya was born on Kangaroo Island and loves the serenity that the island gives her, in particular having the choice of having one of the many beaches entirely to yourself!

Tanya has been with KI Odysseys since 2003 as a driver guide and sales consultant and now heads up our reservations department.

Tanya has a Certificate II in Hospitality, Applied First Aid, Driver Accreditation and cultural awareness training.  

One of the highlights Tanya finds in working for KI Odysseys is the wonderment that international guests have when she is guiding them around Kangaroo Island. Some guests have never been exposed to nature and wildlife in such a close and personal way and some are not used to such wide open spaces and these are things that really make her work worthwhile.

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Hiromi Tanikawa

Hiromi is Japanese and guides on both our English and Japanese language tours.

Hiromi has been with KIO since 2011 and has a Certification 111 in Commercial Cookery, Applied First Aid and Driver Accreditation. 

Hiromi loves travelling as well as cooking and playing sport. 

Terry Pearce thumbnail

Terry Pearce

Terry guides KI Odysseys English tours and is a trained Chef with qualifications in Certificate II in Hospitality, Certificate 4 in Workplace Training, Applied First Aid and Driver Accreditation.

Terry has been with KI Odysseys since 1997 and is passionate about the outdoors, fishing, cooking and woodwork.

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